Renewable Energy

We are dedicated to develop projects related to the virtually inexhaustible renewable energy.


GENERA4 is a chilean-german company dedicated to renewable energy generation.


Nowadays we count with a diverse project portfolio in different stages of development, from prefeasibility to engineer studies. The total capacity of the project portfolio rises up to 25 MW installed, distributed in the different regions of Chile.

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Wind EnergyWind Energy

In our aim to guarantee the minimum impact with the maximum use of the resource and due to the lack of a Chilean normative, we follow the german standards for planning a wind park.

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Our objective is to adequate the plant not only to the substrates, but also to the energetic requirements of our client pursuing the generation of the greatest value out of the project

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In GENERA4 we study, develop and implement thermosolar and fotovoltaic projects, which are aligned with the energetic requirements of our clients and maximize the energy generation.

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