Renewable Energy

We are dedicated to develop projects related to the virtually inexhaustible renewable-energy


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Wind Energy

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About us

GENERA4 is a chilean-german company dedicated to renewable energy generation.

To do our job we count with the support of UTEC GmbH, a german engineering company with more than 30 years of experience in biogas plant design and operation, cogeneration, wind energy, biomass and energy savings.

Our core business includes:

Project identification.
Design, planning and construction of the systems.
Investment and fund raising.
System’s operation and maintenance.
Plant administration and energy commercialization.


Our Vision:

“Generate renewable energy, water, soil and other resources in South America and the World in order to constitute an option of sustainable development; continuously searching for excellence and being true to our principles and values in the development of all our activities.”

Our Mission:

“Be leader in the identification, development, operation and commercialization of renewable energy systems.

We give smart solutions adapted to the particularities and experiences of each client and resource, through the synergies that integrates them to our suppliers and investors.

We’re convinced that along with knowledge, respect, transparency, flexibility and cooperation is needed to achieve the best project, satisfying the aspirations of all actors.”

Business model

Our projects are suited to the particularities of each client and resource. We adapt ourselves to the characteristics and needs of each project, looking for a smart solution and integrating a team that considers all the stakeholders.

Each project deserves to be evaluated in a personalized way in order to make the most of its potential. It is Because of this, that we are independent and free to choose the optimal available technology and equipment adapted to the resource.

As well as the technical aspects, we also count with the possibility of co-invest in our own projects.


Juan Manuel Santa Cruz: Partner and president of the board of GENERA4. Industrial Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. His extensive career includes being CEO of Lipigas and director of other companies from the energetic sector in Chile. Nowadays Juan Manuel is board member of ABC-Din and Lipigas among others.

Christoph Zimmermann:
Cofounder and partner of GENERA4. Mechanical Engineer, University of Brunswick. Christoph is CEO and founder of UTEC GmbH and has been working in the concept and planning of biogas plants and cogeneration for more than 30 years. His experience led him to found GENERA4 and participate of this new initiative as member of the board.

Matías Errázuriz:
CEO and founder of GENERA4. Agricultural Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Cofounder of Wetland S.A., company dedicated to the wastewater treatment. He has a trajectory of more than 10 years in the environmental sector, developing technologies and sustainable models that value the natural resources, acknowledged by national and international entities of innovation and enterprising like CORFO and Endeavor.

Simón Covarrubias:
  Project Manager of GENERA4. Agricultural Engineer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; with four years in Germany where he became MsC in Integrated Natural Resource Management, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He came back to Chile to work in the development of biogas projects. Actually his experience is focused in cogeneration in landfills, energetic crops and biogas plant concept and design.

Valentina Strappa:
Planning and Studies Engineer of GENERA4. Industrial Engineer, Certificate in Hydraulic Engineer and MsC in Engineering, specialized in Environmental Management and Economics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Her work experience includes the study and project development of the Environmental Center DICTUC and also co-researcher in some publications of air pollution and public health. Nowadays she is specializing in the economical evaluation and strategy of renewable energy projects.